Play Clash Royale and experience the unlimited joy of clashes

Some games are just not played for the sake of playing some game. Clash Royale is one such game. Before playing the game the player schedules his day and take a long breathe before starting the game. Then get imbued in the various moves of the game. The world has seen Clash of Clans and Clash Royale is the creation of the same developer. But if you are thinking it is some few improvement of the earlier version that is Clan. Then you are totally wrong. It is totally different game and real entertainment for the gamer who waits long for a good game. The multiplayer game Clash Royale Hack is enjoyed by both users of Android and iOS. The main focus of the game remains on distracting the opponent and managing elixir.

Let us see some of the basics of Clash Royale

It is very much possible that you all know the game Clash Royale. But it would be helpful if the basic is discussed. The game is all about defending own tower and framing strategies to demolish at least one tower of the enemy. To achieve the success you proceed to collect cards from the treasure chests. The cards can be of four types.





Each card has its unique strengths along with the weaknesses in Cash Royale Hack. The purpose of the card is to protect your own or to attack the enemy. For the encounter, you require a deck. A deck is nothing but a collection of eight cards which you choose. With the elixir, you use your cards. During some set intervals, you get an elixir. After evaluating your card you either attack or defend.

The cards of the Clash Royale must be wisely chosen

Any wrong card selection may create a severe problem in protection your tower from the opponent. So be cautious and careful in choosing the cards. To gain extra advantage you must upgrade the cards. You should be very vigilant the most favorite deck. One thing you must remember that in Clash Royale Hack apk with an average elixir of 4.5 or more you must attack your opponent in the last 60 seconds. In such situation, you can gain control over the game by the faster production of elixir. It is understandable that with the weak deck you should be very careful in the placement. Otherwise enemy may gain control over the game.

Always remember that Elixirs are very much advantageous

In a normal situation, elixir takes around 2.8 seconds to generate. In the last 60 seconds, only half of this time is required for the elixir to generate. Before placing any card you must look upon the card placement of the opponents. Depending on the situation see whether you can place a card of low-elixir to counter opponent’s move. For instance, you can place a Skeleton Army to counter the Giant of the enemy.

There can be no argument to deny that careful playing is really helpful in any strategic games. Always be wise in playing your cards. Gradually one would realize if you want to win you there is no other way than to be cautious on your every move.

How to win the matches in Guns of Boom?

Guns of the boom is a popular action game where you can find more than 48 different kinds of weapons. Each of them has their unique features. This is a treat for the action gamers and you can easily get this game in your Android or iOS PlayStore. This game was launched in the market by the Game Insight in the year 2017 and it has been huge fan base from that time.

The headshot is going to be a game changer. The headshot is going to do maximum damage to your enemy and it will also cause more damage. If you are unable to perform a headshot due to the movement of the enemy make sure you are targeting their neck and heart to make them kneel down and then perform the headshot.

Performing in the chest is very important in order to enhance your skill as well as get some more points and resources. Always get resources for upgrading your weapons otherwise surviving in this game will be very much harder when you will proceed to the later stage.

Grenades are going to help you in killing mass enemies. It also happens that in any times you are unable to locate the enemy’s position so you can just throw the grenades aimlessly and it will cause huge damage.

Always choose the best position when you are performing in Guns of boom war. Always pick a place that is blocked by either two sides or one side.

Update your weapon properly so that you can easily kill your enemies without wasting many shots. Check the range and the power of your weapon before picking them. You will have to keep upgrading your weapon in order to do maximum damage.

You will have to wear the protective gears that will not only enhance the protection but will also boost the health. There will be three categories that will be provided to you in the section of protective gear. Those are head, legs, and torso.

Do not aimlessly fire when you are playing a match with your friends. Make them perform the firing and at that time aim at the head of the enemy and kill it.

These are some few Guns of boom free gunbucks tips from that will help you to survive Guns of boom war for more minutes. Once you are comfortable with the movements and the control than winning will be easier.

An overview on the troops of the clash of clans

A troop in the game of clash of the clan has a very interesting role as this game is revolving around them. Each of them has their own strength and weakness. Some of the troops upgrade when it comes to attacking whereas some are great in defending. Some troops like the goblins will help you to steal more resources and fill up your storage. You can easily heal the friendly troops by using the healer.

After you buy these troops they will be sent to the barracks for getting trained and upgraded in the laboratory. You will have to spend the elixir and the dark elixir for training them. The Trooper who will get deployed on the battlefield will never return back to the players base. The number of troops which you will be able to train will depend on the capacity of your barracks.

Review on the Troops

Here in this game of Clash of Clans, you can find different types of Troops which you will have to train by unlocking, this made me hack clash of clans because training takes a long time unless you use gems.

Barbarian: This is a basic type of ground troop which performs a melee attack.

Archer: This troop can easily carry the arrows and bow and clear the target with these arrows.

Goblin: Goblins are the units which are mainly design for attacking and then stealing the resources from the buildings. Their main priority will be to destroy the resource buildings and they are very much handy when it comes to raids.

Giant: This unit has a very strong HP. They mainly target the defense buildings, mortars, and the wizard Tower but in the beginning, they will first attack the Cannons.

Wall breakers: This troop will carry the bombs and will move straight away towards the walls. Then they will blow up by creating a huge impact and will die instantly. They are mainly used so that they can easily open up the passes for the other troops.

Balloon: This is one of the essential aerial units which has the capability of flying over the walls. They will then drop the bombs on the defensive units but they won’t be able to reach the ground unit.

Wizard: This troop is very weak when it comes to HP but their attacking power is very powerful as they cast the magical spells across the walls.

Healer: Healer is an excellent aerial unit which can fly over the other friendly troops and will fix their HP. Unfortunately, the ground troops won’t be able to reach the healers.

Dragon: Dragons are very powerful and strong and is mostly preferred in the Clan Wars as they can perform Splash damage. The fire they have is capable of destroying multiple enemy troops at a single attack.

P.E.K.K.A: This is one of the most powerful troops which is trained in the barracks and they are very hard when it comes to killing them. They have a very strong Army and it is very hard to match their level of attack.

Unfortunately, these troops will get unlocked only after the upgradation of the town hall’s level. Always create a troop that will have both the mediocre and the powerful units so that your attack and defending power will be strong.

What is the First Person Shooter in Guns of Boom?

If you have the experience of playing video games, you can feel the excitement that comes with first person action – you are accomplishing everything you see on the screen. The sole aspect that you loved concerning FPS, or first person shooters is the frantic playing of the game, the spontaneity of it, as well as the real-time action.

Now, putting this exciting concept to a mobile version has not succeeded – many developers are trying to make FPS games but failed in the past. Guns of Boom promises to change this narrative, however. Many players review it in a positive light, stating that it is doing something right where others go wrong, even with a guns of boom hack apk available.

So what is the game about?

The game is a First person shooter tailor made for mobile devices. Developed by Game Insight, which is a Lithuanian gaming outfit, they were able to revive interest in FPS mobile games, and this was in spite of the terrible nature of this game.

The game is similar to Team Fortress 2 in its play it has the simplified controls, amazing graphics, as well as auto-firing. Simple gameplay does not hamper the game, since it is good enough in its development. A wide map selection provides the context of 4×4 battles that you engage in. The basic premise therefore is teaming up with other players, running around, and killing your enemies by shooting them.

This may sound like an extremely simple concept. However, you have never seen an FPS for mobile quite as good as this. The game offers you so much fun in such a simple game, you will keep coming back to it. In addition, you will come back because the game experience is just top notch.

How do you navigate it?

In Guns of Boom, players will spend many gun and gold money. These act as the main currency, and everyone plays the game to gather both these items. Unfortunately, in order to be successful, you must overcome obstacles to get them. You deal with these hurdles by playing the game.

The interesting aspect of the game is that your character automatically shoots endlessly, as long as you have an enemy in your sights. This concept is revolutionary – even android game developers are picking up on it, for example in kart racing games.

When you play the game, you notice that two to four players will face it off in set death matches. If you are wondering about extra game modes, they do not exist; there is no side objective for you, and there are no concepts like character classes. All you need to do is aim, throw grenades and shoot at the enemy.

This simple works for the most part because the game has maps to guide you. There are also farms, military facilities, streets, as well as other levels that are designed cleverly. These enable for interesting dynamics to begin in the game. This does not change, even if the shooting looks simple.

A Simple Balloon Deck that Will Help You Climb the Ladder in Clash Royale

If you have a Balloon, a Wizard, Goblins, an Elixir Collector, Arrows, Minion Horde, a Giant, and a Tombstone in Clash Royale then you are set to make a deck that will quickly take you from around Arena 5 to Arena 8. This deck will work against any legendary, but you’ll need to know how to use the cards or how to get a clash royale hack 2018 android. I will explain the purpose of every card.


This is your main offense card (probably one of the best offensive cards in Clash Royale). You will use this once you’ve noticed that the enemy has used all of their cards that can counter the Balloon. The tower will go down after a couple of hits. It depends how leveled up your Balloon is and how leveled up your opponent is.


This guy is great for defense (and also one of the best supports in Clash Royale) against barbs and makes quick work of them. He can also take down most of the flying enemies as well.

This guy act as the shield for your balloons. He has a really incredible health to elixir ratio and it doesn’t even matter if he damages the tower or not because that’ the balloon’s job. As your balloon flies behind the giant all of your enemies’ cards attack the giant, rather than the balloon. This allows the Balloon to slip away unharmed and do its thing.

Elixir Collector
This card will give you the elixir advantage you need to keep pumping out giants and balloons almost immediately, while simultaneously allowing you to have enough elixir to have a solid defense.

Arrows allow you to take out hordes instantly, and also princesses.

Minion Horde
This card takes out The Royal Giant, Giant, Prince, Sparky and all air-based cards as well.

This card is nice to keep your opponent on their toes and also to make them waste their zap and other cards that can be used to thwart your main attack cards.

You should keep practicing with this deck so that you learn the optimum placements. Eventually after a few matches you’ll know the best positions and timing for your cards to win. With a deck so well thought out as this you’ll climb up the ladder in Clash Royale in no time.

Tips and Tricks to the SimCity BuildIt

While playing the game, the SimCity Build It, to help you not getting lost or to put your mind into a fix regarding “what can be my next step”, following mentioned will be some of the tips and the tricks which you can implement to get your game, the SimCity Build It going without making use of the presence of any kind of the SimCity Build It, Hack. Thus, let us get started with our main topic of discussion today, without any kind of further ado.

The Tips and the Tricks in Accordance to the SimCity Build It Game
Regarding all the tips and tricks regarding the game called the SimCity Build It, following mentioned are some of the tips and tricks, which you can put into use to make yourself successful in the game, the SimCity Build It.
The Importance of Expanding the Population: Expanding the population in your city in the game, the SimCity Build It can play a vital role in your success in the game. But, the question lies in, why so? If you relate to the real world, the main profit or the income basically comes from the population of the city. The same concept lies here when it comes to the game called the SimCity Build It and to Simcity Buildit free coins.

The Effective Areas of Your Buildings: Blind progress or blank progress towards the game called the SimCity Build It can be loose in terms of success. Thus, it is mandatory for you to keep a focused eye on the major effective areas which are in accordance with the different buildings which are present in your city.

Taking Good Care of the City: If you have to invest any amount in the betterment of the city, like improving the conditions of the roads and other aspects of the cities, never hesitate to spend money. Do remember, that this is also a very strong point which will help to not only keep your existing population of the city happy but in a way; it will also help you in attracting more people, thereby increasing your population at a successive rate.

Keep the Factories Going: The factories which you will be building and upgrading in your game, the SimCity Build It always makes sure to keep them going. This is because, factories are the places where your resources useful for your city, will be generated in the game called the SimCity Build It. Thus, it is important that you don’t keep a pause and always keep your factory going.

Keep a Hold of Different Items and Materials: Take, for example, the weather conditions. Obviously, the equipment required to maintain your city in the summertime will not be totally same as that needed in the winter time. Thus, make sure to keep all these handy to keep your city in proper conditions under any kind of circumstances.

Making use of these tips and tricks can surely boost you to success in the game, the SimCity Build It, and you won’t feel like left out if you are going about the same. thus, using these ideas can be a good choice for your game.