Palm Treo 700wx Mobile Review

This model of Palm Treo provides some special functions to enjoy your time with your cell phone, it gives you many cool function as internet connection, chatting, message functions, video capturing and much more. Some thing like the ability of connecting to internet would help you to be in the depth of events. You can use the web browser software that comes with the device to access the internet and view your Email address and you can also chat online with your friends.
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Is this a bluetooth headset within the Palm Treo 700wx cell phone?. Yes, and this feature would definitely help you to download digital files from the other cell phones. By using the bluetooth technology provided by this Palm smartphone, you can send and receive music and other digital files wirelessly from any other bluetooth enabled devices like the other cell phones, notebooks, PCs, Macs, handheld computers and any device that provides the bluetooth technology.

The other features include a high quality VGA color camera that can capture videos and images, this mega pixel color camera is a perfect built-in digital camera that should be your only personal camera. The other friend for your videos and photos is the high resolution LCD, TFT screen that will display your personal photos and clips clearly.

Do you want to listen to mp3 music through your cell phone?. If you reply “yes”, you can get a full function mp3 player which can play all mp3 file formats, it can also play other music formats like WMA, WAM music formats. If you decide to buy this model of Palm, you don’t need to buy a mp3 player and pay additional bucks, you just need a smartphone like Palm Treo 700wx mobile phone.

With this smartphone you can talk with free-hand. The memory that will come with this model is a 128 mega bites memory that can be upgraded. Talking on the talk and standby times, the talk time will be up to 4.50 hours, the standby time can be up to 360. That very long time of talking and standby time is generated from the very good lithium-ion battery.

Other very cool features include a Qwerty keyboard that is very similar to your personal computer’s keyboard. This mini keyboard provides you all functions to use your smartphone easily. The message functions include SMS messages, EMS and MMS. The Email features include POP3 functions, IMAP4 functions and SMTP Email functions. The standard feature could be the calendar, the calculator , the built-in GPS navigator and the Infrared technology for wireless data connections.

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