Play Clash Royale and experience the unlimited joy of clashes

Some games are just not played for the sake of playing some game. Clash Royale is one such game. Before playing the game the player schedules his day and take a long breathe before starting the game. Then get imbued in the various moves of the game. The world has seen Clash of Clans and Clash Royale is the creation of the same developer. But if you are thinking it is some few improvement of the earlier version that is Clan. Then you are totally wrong. It is totally different game and real entertainment for the gamer who waits long for a good game. The multiplayer game Clash Royale Hack is enjoyed by both users of Android and iOS. The main focus of the game remains on distracting the opponent and managing elixir.

Let us see some of the basics of Clash Royale

It is very much possible that you all know the game Clash Royale. But it would be helpful if the basic is discussed. The game is all about defending own tower and framing strategies to demolish at least one tower of the enemy. To achieve the success you proceed to collect cards from the treasure chests. The cards can be of four types.





Each card has its unique strengths along with the weaknesses in Cash Royale Hack. The purpose of the card is to protect your own or to attack the enemy. For the encounter, you require a deck. A deck is nothing but a collection of eight cards which you choose. With the elixir, you use your cards. During some set intervals, you get an elixir. After evaluating your card you either attack or defend.

The cards of the Clash Royale must be wisely chosen

Any wrong card selection may create a severe problem in protection your tower from the opponent. So be cautious and careful in choosing the cards. To gain extra advantage you must upgrade the cards. You should be very vigilant the most favorite deck. One thing you must remember that in Clash Royale Hack apk with an average elixir of 4.5 or more you must attack your opponent in the last 60 seconds. In such situation, you can gain control over the game by the faster production of elixir. It is understandable that with the weak deck you should be very careful in the placement. Otherwise enemy may gain control over the game.

Always remember that Elixirs are very much advantageous

In a normal situation, elixir takes around 2.8 seconds to generate. In the last 60 seconds, only half of this time is required for the elixir to generate. Before placing any card you must look upon the card placement of the opponents. Depending on the situation see whether you can place a card of low-elixir to counter opponent’s move. For instance, you can place a Skeleton Army to counter the Giant of the enemy.

There can be no argument to deny that careful playing is really helpful in any strategic games. Always be wise in playing your cards. Gradually one would realize if you want to win you there is no other way than to be cautious on your every move.